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Dehydration and Inhibition of Natural Gas | Engineering & Projects

Did you know that methane hydrates are solids that are formed by the interaction of methane with water under certain conditions of pressure and temperature?

These are relevant issues in the gas industry, because hydrates have the potential to clog and damage gas transportation pipes.

At Flargent we offer a series of equipment optimized for the removal of water, preventing its freezing, the formation of hydrates and corrosion. Among the technologies, for example, we offer inhibition modules with MEG (Monoethylene Glycol) and gas dehydration with TEG (Triethylene Glycol).

MEG modules:

The gas dew point adjustment process requires the injection of MEG to prevent the formation of hydrates (which cause internal plugging in process equipment). Said glycol, once used for inhibition, must be regenerated to be used again.

TEG modules:

This absorption process is preferably carried out at high pressure, and occurs inside a contactor tower through which the water vapor present in the gas is adsorbed by the liquid TEG, which is then sent to a regeneration module similar to a MEG regenerator. The regeneration temperature of the TEG is higher than in the case of the MEG.

At Flargent we accompany the development of the industry by providing comprehensive engineering solutions, contributing and generating quality work and high added value to the national industry!

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