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Vapor Recovery Units (VRU): Emissions Reduction and Environmental Sustainability


In today's industry, emissions reduction and environmental sustainability are key priorities. The Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) They emerge as a key solution to capture vents and reliefs in industrial facilities, significantly reducing the emission of hydrocarbons and, consequently, the associated carbon footprint. These units transform gas management and contribute to caring for the environment.

VRUs are essential in the environmental management of industrial facilities, where vents, commonly coming from oil storage tanks in batteries and treatment plants, represent a challenge in the fight against climate change. When considering methane, whose greenhouse effect power is forty times greater than that of carbon dioxide, it becomes imperative to adopt effective solutions for its capture and reuse.

Vapor recovery units offer a sustainable alternative by channeling recovered gas directly into the pipeline, using it as fuel gas, or reintroducing it into the process. In collaboration with AGIRA, Flargent presents advanced solutions with lubricated vane or screw compressors, delivering complete and compact systems on skids, equipped with all the necessary components for automated operation.

Flargent VRUs together with AGIRA are a comprehensive and effective response to reduce the environmental impact in industrial facilities. This leading technological solution not only minimizes hydrocarbon emissions, but also contributes to long-term sustainability, positioning itself as a fundamental pillar for environmental management and reducing the carbon footprint in the industry.

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