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H2S is a contaminant that normally occurs in mature gas production fields. In addition to being highly corrosive, it is a highly toxic component and a serious health risk for wellhead operators.

The market offers different technologies for the removal of H2S, which can generally be classified as “regenerative” and “non-regenerative”. The following graphic shows a simple way of selecting the type of technology that is optimal for each application:

For more than 30 years, Flargent has represented and marketed Sulfatreat®, a large family of solid scavengers designed by Schlumberger for the removal of H2S from gas streams and light liquids. Sulfatreat® has proved to be very cost-efficient for the removal of this contaminant.

Flargent can assist the customer in selecting a system and design or supply turnkey installations together with all associated equipment.

Typical Vessel Configuration