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Flargent is internationally renowned for the design and manufacture of indirect and alternative process heaters.


Frequently used in the heating of natural gas to avoid the formation of hydrates and the freezing of fluids in gas pipelines, Flargent designs indirect fired heaters that transfers heat to an intermediate heating medium, such as steam, water, water-based solutions or other fluids, which, in turn, transfer it to the main process. Flargent supplies skid-mounted indirect fired heaters, together with their combustion chamber and ancillary piping.

Depending on the amount of heat that needs to be transferred and the process conditions established by the client, among other variables, the type of indirect fired heater is selected out of the following possible heat transfer technologies:

Indirect fired heaters in steam bath
– Indirect fired heaters in water bath
– Indirect fired heaters in hot oil bath


Electric process heaters generate heat by running electric current through one or more resistances that, in turn, heat a fluid.

The power requirements and the specific process conditions determine the type of resistance, placement, and amount required.