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Condensate Stabilization | Engineering & Projects

he purpose of the stabilization unit is to condition liquid hydrocarbons, lowering their vapor pressure so they can be safely stored or transported.

Flargent performs process simulations and verifies equipment to ensure Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) < 12 psia according to what is specified in Argentine regulations.

Flargent can be adapted to the facilities of each client, designing the equipment to operate the module with hot oil, fuel gas or electricity.

Our design allows:

– Increased production of condensate.
– Improvement in the safety of the facilities.
– Reduction of substances from emissions into the environment.
– Reduction of smoke in venting systems (burning of heavy vapors).
– Prompt recovery of the investment made.

At Flargent we have the technical capacity to design and build equipment according to the particular specifications of each client!

For inquiries:
+54 11-2682-3967